Parseq Data Centre FAQ's

How do you charge for collocation and associated services?

You can take space from a single server up to your own designated and secure area containing 50 or 60 racks.
You will be charged an initial set up fee and a monthly fee thereafter based on space, connectivity and power requirements.

How much power can you supply to a rack?

We can supply as much as you need however our standard infrastructure is designed to support either 8 or 16 Amps of technical load (excluding cooling) per rack footprint 6kw Max.

Do you offer dual power feeds?

As standard all of our rack locations are fed by 2 number 16 Amp commando feeds running back to diverse PDUs.
If one PDU fails your equipment remains live.

Is the environment monitored 24/7/365?

Our NOC operates on a 24/7/365 basis constantly monitoring the data centre environment including the networks, systems and BMS.

Can I access my equipment 24/7/365?

Providing you have either agreed to the relevant level of service or pre-booked access then you can access at any time.
We have strict access control policies in place which must be adhered to at all times. Please contact us for details.

Who manages the systems / applications running on the servers?

You do. It is still your asset so you manage the system but reap the benefits of the devices being hosted in a resilient, purpose designed data centre.
You have protection from power and internet failures and high levels of physical security.
Our intelligent hands and eyes team are available to provide further assistance if and when required.

What intelligent hands and eyes services are included?

Each contract will allow for a period of remote hands support during core hours.
This covers routine tasks including power cycling devices, pushing a button, re-setting / booting equipment, securing cabling etc.
More sophisticated support packages are available, as is 24/7/365 cover. Please ask for details.

How many Internet feeds do I get?

You can bring in your own connectivity, if you chose to use one of the on-site providers each rack or part rack is supplied with 2 diverse internet feeds.

How many IP addresses can I have and how do you charge for them?

This depends on who provides your connectivity; we’ll happily put you in contact with providers to discuss your requirements.

Can I have deliveries sent straight to the data centre?

Yes you can by prior arrangement.

Can I park and unload easily?

Yes you can. We have ample parking and access areas.

Is my rack secure?

Yes, the site has 24 hour manned security.
In addition access to the data centre is via swipe card and a biometric system.
There is a comprehensive monitored CCTV and alarm system in place and each rack is independently lockable.
If your security needs exceed even this level we can accommodate a caged area specifically for your servers.

Can we reserve space for future expansion?

Yes you can, we always recommend discussing your future plans with us and we may be able to offer a range of solutions.